Our economy

Economy What are KidZos?

Just as in the real world, children can earn, spend, save or invest money when taking part in activities. We have our own currency called kidZos that can be used in all the KidZania cities around the world.


As part of the realism of KidZania, children can decide how they manage their money throughout their visit. They will reap the benefits of the working world by gaining financial awareness through learning how to budget, spend, invest and save their money.

Earning-money Earn it!

Children can take part in a choice of ‘jobs’ which will earn them KidZos.  Such jobs include working as a police officer, surgeon, journalist, actor, chef and many more.

Spending-money Spend it!

Children can spend their KidZos on leisure activities such as the climbing the tallest building in KidZania or renting a car; at training facilities such as the University or Driving School; or shopping at the Department Store.

Saving-money Save it!

Children also have the option to open their own personal savings account at the bank. This helps keep their KidZos safe and saved KidZos even gain interest, so you can earn extra kidZos between visits.

Investment Invest it!

At the Investment Centre, kids can learn about compound interest and help make their KidZos grow.

Donating Donate it!

At our charitable organisation, kids have the option to donate their KidZos to different worthy causes.