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Cash Treasury

The Cash Treasury Sr. Zupervisor provides support to the Facility’s Administration (Treasury) operation regarding cash handling through partial collection reports, fund preparation and delivery and updated cash flow status. More Details


KidZos Treasury

The KidZos Treasury Zupervisor provides support to the Facility’s Administration operation regarding KidZos handling through entry and exit tallies, redemption and usage report and on-site stock control. More Details


Cost Co-ordinator

The Cost Associate is responsible for the adequate, responsible and efficient management of all cost-related activities inside the Facility. Ranging from inventory management to procedural costs analysis, this position ensures the facility’s accounting books are in order and up to date according to KidZania’s policies and standards. More Details


General Warehouse Operator

General Warehouse Operator receives, stocks and dispatches the materials and supplies required by the Facility’s Departments, keeping the warehouse in optimum conditions of cleanliness, hygiene and order, according to the policies and procedures established by KidZania. More Details


Customer Service Operations

The Customer Service Operations Jr. Associate ensures KidZania customer satisfaction by providing problem-solving strategies, in case of any incident, complaint and/or suggestion that may come from KidZania visitors. More Details


Entry and Exit Counter Zupervisor

The Entry and Exit Counters Sr. Zupervisor performs the facility’s access control and ticket sales including families and groups in compliance with KidZania’s Entry and Exit Counters policies and procedures, this including customer complaints reception, solution (if possible) and transference to the corresponding department. More Details


Food and Beverage Zupervisor

The Food & Beverages Sr. Zupervisors is responsible for ensuring customer service satisfaction through food & beverages services. More Details


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