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Industry-partners Industry Partners

Industry Partners are corporate companies (corporates) which have entered into partnership agreements with KidZania Johannesburg, with the combined aim of delivering educational and entertaining experiences to visitors.  The focus of KidZania is to educate children about different careers and afford them the opportunity to learn through role-play.  The integration of corporates plays a pivotal role in the KidZania experience, as these companies provide real-world industry “know-how” and the presence of their branding ensures that each space and each career is more realistic.


Our Industry Partners

KidZania's current Industry Partners include more than 960 global and local organizations around the world. Industry Partners vary according to each KidZania location and represent a mix of private corporations, governmental institutions and non-profit organizations.


About our Partners

KidZania works closely with Industry Partners to ensure that we deliver activities which provide each visitor with an authentic and educational experience, whilst echoing the Industry Partner's brand values. Industry Partners' brands are familiar to families; thereby creating realism in the role-playing, where children can associate their experiences with the same brands that they see in the real world.


KidZania partnerships are integrated. An airline knows best how to train pilots and cabin crew. Similarly, a bank knows best how to teach children about saving and investing. David Ngobeni, Governor of KidZania Johannesburg says "Our industry partners are crucial to the success of each career role-play activity, as they offer the necessary authenticity to the KidZania city experience; and, in turn, empower, inspire and educate children."


Industry Partner types

KidZania Johannesburg chooses industry partners that are familiar to South Africa families as this adds an additional level of realism in this city created especially for financial awareness training and offering insights into careers. The industry partners will create interactive establishments such as shops, banks and brands where career role-play activities will take place.


"KidZania Johannesburg responds to multiple South African needs, including access to information about potential careers and experiential learning through role-play," explains David Ngobeni, Governor of KidZania Johannesburg. "Our industry partners are crucial to the success of each career role-play activity, as they offer the necessary authenticity to the KidZania city experience."


Over 30 industry partners are signed up to date and will introduce careers in their respective industries to our city's visitors. The brands signed include international brands; South African corporates and small-to-medium enterprises across different industries, from Financial Services, Retail, Automotive industry, FMCG, Manufacturing, Food and Beverage, Logistics, Entertainment, Music and Education.


KidZania's offer to Industry Partners

KidZania offers organizations a unique opportunity to create positive awareness and enhance brand loyalty, creating future brand advocates and/or ambassadors within a kid-focussed role-play environment, where education and inspiration are at the core of everything we do.


KidZania allows Industry Partners to develop and execute promotional activities to a targeted adult audience in arears specifically designated for adults whilst creating attractive media opportunities such as cross promotions, product launches and private events to name a few.


KidZania Johanessburg's unique offering

KidZania affords Industry Partners with the opportunity to participate in various CSI programmes. These include KidZania Johanessburg setting aside 5% of its total revenue from ticket sales towards facilitating individuals from previously disadvantaged backgrounds to visit the centre. By participating in these CSI programmes, corporates are afforded the opportunity to get SED points and/or a section 18A certificate.




If you are interested in learning how your organization can become an Industry Partner, please contact us at: