Children's Online Policy

Notice to Parents

KidZania South Africa  provides the following information to notify parent’s of KidZania South Africa’s policies and practices for handling Personal Information that may be obtained from a minor at a KidZania South Africa facility, KidZania application, or KidZania online service.


KidZania South Africa obtains consent from parents and guardians to allow online interaction between minors and KidZania online services.


KidZania has a policy of not collecting, using or disclosing Personal Information from minors except with prior parental consent, consent provided on behalf of a parent by an educational institution, or some other legal or policy basis for the collection (e.g. risk of imminent harm to a child).  If a parent or guardian refuses to consent to the collection, use or disclosure of the information, KidZania will not collect, use or disclose the information.


If a parent or guardian consents to use of a KidZania application, the child may take a photo of himself or herself which they may then customize using graphic elements provided by KidZania.  KidZania may ask your child for basic biographical information such as first name, age or month/day of birth, gender, or country where the child resides or other non-specifically identifying information.


If a parent or guardian further consents to the minor uploading the final image and biographical data to a KidZania-operated website, then KidZania may collect, use and disclose the image to other users of the application and website, third parties who may view the KidZania website, search engines or other technologies that catalog publicly available online content, partners and service providers.


A parent may withdraw their consent at any time and request deletion of their child’s Personal Information.  If such a request is received, KidZania will remove any of the child’s content from public view, delete all copies of the child’s content, and refuse the child further access to the Site.


A parent may also request to review any Personal Information held by KidZania pertaining to their child and may request deletion of such information.


To withdraw consent, make a request for deletion of content or personal data, or to request review of personal data held on your child, you may contact KidZania at: or 010 285 0680.